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It had been a long day at work, and it was great to finally be getting home. My feet were killing me. I was wearing pumps with 4" heels all day, and I don't think I sat down more than 2 times in 12 hours. I arrived at home and found a package in the mail, with no return address. I entered the house, sat down, and slowly slid my pumps off. They throbbed with pain for a few minutes, and the pain slowly faded. I sat back and relaxed for a few minutes. The box. What was in the box? I opened it and found a pair of black patent pumps with 5" heels, the bottom half was a gold metallic spike. The last thing on my mind was wearing 5" heels! As I held them I noticed they were somewhat heavy-- at least heavier than shoes of that type were. They were very smooth and flawless in their design. The metal heels were tapered to a point about an eighth of an inch in diameter. The toes were short and very pointed. I though of how uncomfortable and painful the shoes would be with toes and heels like these had. The inside of each shoe had a smooth metallic gold and silver laced pattern. I noticed some small pin holes inside where the toes would be when worn and figured they were for air circulation. They also seemed to be heavily padded all over the inside with small, clear pillow-like cushions. These shoes looked gorgeous! I looked through the box and found a pair of super sheer black nylons with similar patterns on the foot that were in the shoes. I had to try them on! They were my exact size-- size 7. I peeled off the nylons I had been wearing all day. I pulled on the new nylons from the box. They slid smoothely up my legs yet hugging my legs tightly. They were strong and I imagined that they would never run. They were definitely made for these shoes, because they forced my foot into the position that my foot would take when the shoes were worn-- a high heel arch position. They felt very strong. I stood up but my feet wouldn't go flat! The nylons held my feet in the 'high heel' position. It felt so strange! I sat down to try out the pumps. I picked up one of the pumps and began to place my foot into it. I slid it on slowly. The cushions felt so smooth as my foot slid further into the pump. It felt quite snug, and i could feel the cushions surrounding my foot. I slid the other on and stood up. I wondered if I could even walk in these! I took a few steps and seemed to be doing fine. As I walked towards the mirror, I heard a small click and pop from each shoe and felt something inside quickly wrapping around my toes tighly! My feet began to get warm and then quite hot. The cushions felt as if they popped and some sort of hot liquid was surrounding my feet. There was a whining sound coming from the pumps as my toes were getting wrapped up tighter and tighter. I quickly walked to a chair to sit down to remove the shoes.

The sensation in the shoes stopped after about 5 seconds as I sat down. I grabbed the back of my left pump to remove it but it felt a little snug. I used more force but my foot was stuck in the shoe! I began to pull on the shoe very hard to try to remove it, and received an electrical shock from the shoe that scared me half to death! Why did I receive a shock? I couldn't believe what had happened! I tried again and received another shock, this time quite painful, almost throwing me to the floor! I sat there in disbelief. I tried to move my toes and felt something wrapped tightly around them. Whatever it was, it must have come from those small holes in the shoe. It felt as if each toe was wrapped tightly in some sort of wire. I couldn't take the shoes off. The cusions must have been filled with some sort of epoxy, which formed a very stong bond between my foot and the shoe along the entire surface of the inside of the shoe. I walked into the kitchen and got a scissors to try to cut the shoes, but I couldn't cut the material. I then ran into the garage and frantically searched for a cutters of some kind. I found a metal bolt cutters and tried using that to cut the heel. I squeezed the handles tighter and tighter, but nothing happened. The shoes weren't even in the slightest way damaged. I forced the blade between the shoe and the arch of my foot and squeezed the handles, trying to cut the material. It wasn't working. The material wasn't even scuffed. I sat down and started to cry, wondering what I was going to do. In the corner of the garage was a torch and a pipe about 3 foot long, left over from some recent plumbing which was done. I grabbed the pipe and stuck one of my heels into the open end and tried to break off the heel. I used all the force I had, but the heel didn't break or become damaged at all. I was getting desperate. I lit the torch and tried melting or damaging the heel. I held the blue flame to the black patent portion of the heel above the gold metal spike for about 15 minutes. No luck at all. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. I kicked and kicked the pavement, over and over with my heels as I screamed to try breaking them but nothing changed. The shoes were on my feet to stay.

That night I layed in bed wondering who could have sent them to me, and why? I moved my toes a little and felt the slick surface of the inside of the pumps. I finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and got out of bed. It wasn't a dream; the shoes were still on my feet. My toes hurt so much I could hardly walk. The toes of the shoes were so short and pointed.

I received another package, unlabeled like the first. I opened it hoping to find a clue as to the origin of my situation. I found a long wire with a strange narrow plug on one side, and an electrical plug on the other side. There was a note with it. It read: "After a few months, you will receive a small shock every few minutes. When this happens, insert the adaptor into the small flat slot near the top of the heel and plug the other end into an outlet. At this time, you will no longer receive the small shocks from either shoe. After 2 hours, do the same with the other shoe. If you fail to follow the instructions, you will begin receiving stronger and stronger shocks until the instructins are followed. This process will need to be done every few months.". I dropped the note. I couldn't believe what was happening.

I drove to a hardware store where I thought I might find a solution to the problem. In the back corner was an area where chain was sold. There was a powerful chain/bolt cutter used to cut very large chain. When I knew nobody was watching, I placed my heel into the claw of the cutter and forced the lever down. I used more force, and it finally moved! It was moving down! I was going to be free! After the handle went to the ground, I raised it and pulled my foot out of the cutter. The shoe wasn't damaged! The heel was perfectly intact. I looked at the cutter and realized that it was ruined. It had a large hump in the blade where my heel had been. I ran out of the store and entered my car, crying with fright.

As I sat in my car, I thought about the note I received with the second package. I was completely terrified. How was I going to get these things off? Months? I was going to go months without taking them off? Ever? I was so upset with myself for putting them on in the first place. God I was scared.

I cried myelf to sleep every night, hoping I would wake up the next moring and find myself free of this nightmare, or hoping the next day I would receive something in the mail telling me how to remove the shoes and be free at last. It never happened. My feet hurt so badly for the first couple days that I couldn't walk. The toes being so short and pointed were responsible, and the 5" heels constantly forcing my feet into the pointed toes. On the 3rd day my feet felt better, and I was able to walk, but it still hurt.

A week had passed since the day I received the shoes, and I received a letter: "You are probably wondering what is happening, and why you received the shoes. It will not be explained. Accept what has happened. The shoes can never be removed. Although there is nothing anyone can do to remove the shoes, do not attempt to seek help. You are being monitored. Any attempt to seek help will be severly punished. You have been warned." My heart was racing. I was shaking so much that I couldn't stand.

Days passed, then weeks. I was living my life, 24 hours every day, in 5" heels. I slept with them on, showered in them, everything. They weren't showing even the least bit of wear after a month.

I received a package in the mail. I opened it and found a letter and a square box. The note read: "Communication may be necessary. Enclosed is a device which will make it possible. You will be allowed to make requests and ask questions. The responses, if any, will be mailed to you."

I opened the box and found a gold choker. It had a silver disk formed into the front of it with a small glass marble on each side. There was an opening in the back. I knew better than to put it on; I learned my lesson. I examined it for a few minutes noticing how smooth and flawless it was, just like the shoes were when I received them-- the day I made the biggest mistake of my life. I stood up and set the choker on the table. Upon releasing it I received a shock from both of my shoes. I almost fell to the floor. I sat down, and received another shock. I picked up the choker, and the shocks stopped. I held the choker for a few minutes, realizing that while I held it I would not receive a shock. After a few more minutes I began receiving shocks again. I knew what I had to do. I had to wear the choker. The shocks increased in strength and number. I held the choker with both hands and pulled it open. It was hard to pull it apart and my hands were shaking with fright. I placed it around my neck and released it. It quickly locked shut behind my neck. I placed my hands back onto the choker and tried to pull it open, but it would not open. I pulled harder, but it was locked around my neck. I couldn't even find where the opening once was. I spoke: "Why are you doing this to me? I can't wear the same shoes every day! What do you want from me?"

Days passed, and I was beginning to wonder if anyone could hear me. I received a package a few days later. I opened it and found some vinyl looking shoe covers in blue, red, white, gold and silver. There were also 4 pair of covers which looked like boots-- black patent knee length and thigh length, and black kidskin knee length and thigh length. I took the red pair of shoe covers and stretched them over my shoes. The shoes looked like red pumps. My comment about wearing the same shoes every day was answered. I also had some boots to wear when necessary.

My lower back was in pain. A few weeks had passed before the pain began to go away. The nylons were showing no sign of wear either, and I encountered many sharp edges and corners that would have destroyed any normal pair of nylons. They hugged my legs tightly and somehow kept my legs from needing to be shaved.

The first shock arrived. I was at home getting ready for bed when I received a shock in my right foot. A few minutes later the same in the left foot. I remembered what the note said and found the device to plug into the wall. I received a much stronger shock again. I quickly plugged the device into the top of the heel and the other end into an outlet. I followed the instructions. I charged each side for 2 hours to avoid being shocked to death. When finished, everything was back to the way it was before the shock.

People were wondering how I could wear stilettos every day of the week. Nobody knew the truth though. I didn't dare risk telling anyone. Jessica, a woman with whom I work, tries to wear high heels every day. I think she is jealous that she can't handle wearing them always like I can. I notice her slipping them off when she thinks nobody is looking, her face expressing pain then comfort as they finally come loose. It is me who is jealous. She has no idea how lucky she is.

Months passed. The shoes weren't showing any wear whatsoever. They looked the same as the day I removed them from the box. I had become very good at doing everything in heels; I had no choice. Every 3 months or so the shock would come, right around 11pm. One month, however, something went wrong. Only 11 days into the cycle I received a shock from my left shoe. It was a Saturday afternoon around 3pm, and I knew something was wrong. About 10 minutes later I received another shock, and they continued every 30 minutes, but only in my left foot. "Something is wrong!", I screamed. "What's wrong?!? What have I done?", I yelled into the choker.

I didn't get any sleep that night and spent the day on Sunday sitting down all day-- wondering what was happening. I had to take Monday off; I called in sick. What was happening? I hadn't been this upset since the whole ordeal started nearly a year ago. Later that afternoon I received a constant shock for about 10 minutes. I was on the verge of passing out when the shock stopped. Finally. My foot hurt immensely. I sat for about an hour recovering. The shocks stopped! I reached down to massage my foot and started massagging the outside of the shoe as I have done many times. The shoe felt loose! I tried to slide the shoe off and it began to move! I slid the shoe completely off and received no shock! My toes were shaped like the shoe-- all pointed towards the center. My foot was covered in some clear rubber type material which kept them clean, and my toe-nails did not grow. It was not stuck to the nylons at all. It must have worked its way through the nylons and attached itself to my feet. There was something attached to the bottom of my foot, on the outside of the nylons. It was some sort of circuit board attached to my toes by some small tight wire, wrapped around my 3 middle toes, with a small red light blinking. In the shoe was a gap where the circuit board was supposed to be attached. As I examined the shoe more closely I received a shock from the circuit board-- a strong shock. I looked at my foot and saw the red light blinking faster. I received another shock, and the light started to blink faster yet. I touched the red light and realized it was a button. I received another shock. The light was blinking faster. I pushed the red light and it clicked and stopped blinking. I received another shock. I dropped the shoe to comfort my foot and upon dropping the shoe I received a very strong shock and another! I picked up the shoe and the shocks slowed down, but didnt stop.

I knew what I had to do. The shocks weren't going to stop until I put the shoe back on my foot. The shocks were getting stronger once again. I held the shoe closer to my foot and the shocks slowed down. After a few minutes they started faster again and continued to increase in intensity. I couldn't stand it. I grabbed the circuit board and tried to pull it off. I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled on it quickly with all my strength. My hand felt like it was on fire as i received a shock in my hand and my foot. None before compared to the shock I just received. I was paralyzed for a few minutes. The circuit board was still attached to my foot. I picked up the shoe and began to cry as I began to slide it back on my foot. My foot slid further into the shoe and finally I heard a loud click from the shoe. The sound of the click made me shudder, because I knew what it meant. The shoe was locked on once again.

A letter arrived 2 days later: "The shoes have a circuit breaker to prevent you from wrongfully being shocked to death. It was activated because you did not completely charge the shoe last cycle. Charge both shoes for no less than 2 hours immediately or the shocks will commence with no warning and be very intense, possibly making it difficult for you to reach the re-charger." I immediately got the re-charger and charged each shoe for 3 hours.

A year had passed since the day it all started. I didn't even notice the heels any more. I have adjusted. I noticed that Jessica hadn't been to work for a few days. Today she finally returned, in her high heels of course. Something was strange though. I looked more closely at her shoes. I couldn't believe what I saw. They were identical to mine! She looked very upset. I watched her the whole day. When she thought nobody was looking, she sat down and massaged her feet-- but didn't remove the shoes. She would rotate her ankles in circles and squeeze the front of the shoes, but never slid her foot out of them like she used to. I had to ask her about the shoes! As I stood up and approached her, my choker began to get tight and I started to choke! I received a shock. I returned to my desk and sat down. The shocks stopped, and the choker returned to it's normal size.

A letter arrived the next day: "As you may have discovered, you are not alone. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISCUSS IT WITH EACH OTHER. You are being monitored-- Everything you say and everything you see."

Jessica was not at work the next day. I asked about her and was told that she quit, but nobody knew where she had gone. I never found out.

I wondered how many more of us were out there. I never noticed any shoes identical to mine, but still wondered. They were in control of me. People still wondered how I could do it-- wear such high heels all the time. Whenever anyone asked, my choker would tighten just slightly until I managed to change the subject. There was nothing I could do. As long as I did not break any of the rules, I was not punished.

I received a letter: "The choker will need to be charged. The process is similar to the shoes and will need to be done every few months as well. You will receive a small shock and the choker will tighten and losen. When this occurs, slide the silver disk on the front of the collar up. The disk will move only when the time has come to re-charge the collar. After sliding the disk up, you will notice a small flat slot on the collar. Use the same recharger used for the shoes for 3 hours. You need not be warned. You know what will happen if the instructions are not followed."

My life went on. I eventually received the shock and tightening in the collar, and followed the instructions. The disk slid up and I recharged the choker. When I unplugged the charger, the disk slid down and locked shut over the slot. It would not slide up unless the choker needed to be charged.

I felt I had no privacy. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I would see the collar and the glass eyes. They were always monitoring me. If I tried to cover the eyes, the choker tightened until I uncovered them.

I needed to keep in shape and excercise was difficult. I couldn't do much in 5" heels. I biked, and would swim. Swimming in stilettos was difficult at first, but I learned. People would stare when I never removed my shoes, so I tried to find places where I could be alone. I try to walk whenever I can, but I believe I get a better workout when I bike. My calves needed it the most since the heels didn't permit them to stretch.

The shoes still had no sign of wear. I wondered what material could withstand such use and not wear out. The eyes on the collar needed to be cleaned about every month. I guess they would get fogged up, and I would know about it. The choker would tighten. I always watched for the collar on anyone else, but never saw it. I wondered what ever happened to Jessica, and if she was wearing the coller yet.

A new problem had arisen. I met him on a bike path. I guess I looked a little strange-- wearing a spandex top, tights, a tight collar and stilettos. We went out a few times and he asked me why I always wore such high heels. I told him I found them more comfortable than flats. I have read about women who wear heels so much that they can't wear anything else any more due to the tendons shrinking in there lower leg, so I used that excuse when people asked me. It was acceptable because the choker would not tighten. After about 6 months, we became more serious. I didn't know what to do. He didn't know about my dilemma and I couldn't tell him. One night-- our first night together-- I had no idea what would happen. We were at my place, in my bedroom. We were slowly undressing each other, breathing heavily. I was now only wearing the choker, black nylons and stilettos. I told him that my feet hurt and that they would hurt more if I tried to take off the shoes. He offered a massage, but I said I would be ok. His eyes moved up and down my body. He was obviously very turned on with what I was wearing. We made love for hours. I had forgotten how good it felt. I havn't felt this good in years, and I became exhausted after a few hours. We finally fell asleep, exhausted. I woke in the middle of the night with a shock from my right foot. I sat up and found him at my feet trying to remove my shoe. "I have been trying for a half hour to get this thing off, but it's stuck! How do you take them off?" I was terrified. What was I going to say? "I can't..". The choker tightened, tighter, tighter. "I can't until morning." The choker loosened up, and I gasped with relief and placed my hand on the collar. He looked at me strangely, and reached for the collar. I didn't fight; I closed my eyes and sat there shaking. He felt it and and looked behind my neck for an opening, but couldn't find it. "How do you get this thing off?" I shook my head. The choker tightened a little. He tried to pull it apart, but nothing happened. He looked at me, then at the collar, totally confused. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell him or the collar would tighten. He grabbed the collar again and tried to pull it apart using all his strength. The collar tightened around his fingers and my neck together. He jumped and pulled on his hands until they were finally free. He sat down and stared at me as I gasped, my hands on my collar. He stared at the collar, then my stilettos. I began to cry. I think he was beginning to understand what had happened to me; the pieces were falling into place. He knew I couldn't talk about it. He held me for a while and began to massage my feet through my shoes. It felt so good that I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, he was gone.

Weeks passed and I never saw him again. He was gone. I had no idea whether he just left, or if he knew too much and was taken care of.

I received a package and a letter: "This package needs to be delivered to the address on it. Make the delivery."

There was a box the same size as the box my shoes originally came in. I wondered what was in the package. I managed to remove the top of the box without damaging it to reveal the contents. I was expecting a shock or my collar to tighten, but it never happened. The box contained a pair of stilettos-- exactly like mine, but in a size 6 1/2, and a pair of nylons. I was flooded with memories of that day I received mine. I put the cover back on the box and set it down. Was I expected to deliver the shoes to a women who would try them on and become trapped in them for life? I refused to make the delivery.

The next day I felt the wrath. The collar contracted over and over. It contracted tighter each time. I pulled at the collar trying to free myself, but it was futile. I picked up the package and the collar returned to it's normal size.

The address was on the other side of town-- about a 2 hour drive. I finally arrived at an apartment complex and found the room number. I rang the doorbell, and a woman answered the door. She was about 25, in a women's suit, just back from work probably. I noticed her shoes lying on the floor behind her, black pumps with about 4" heels. She stood in the doorway, her small 6 1/2 feet in nylons. I explained that I received her package and that I was returning it. She thanked me as I handed it to her, and I left. I felt terrible. She thanked me for giving her the stilettos which she would be stuck in, and I was responsible. I sat in my car for a few minutes and thought about what I had done. I then got out. As I walked back towards her apartment, the collar tightened. I kept walking-- she had to be warned. The collar got much tighter and tighter. It had never been this tight, and I couldn't breath. I slowly fell to the ground. The collar got tighter, and I passed out.

I woke about 2 hours later and found myself between 2 cars where I must have fallen; I couldn't remember. There was nothing I could do for the woman. Her fate was that of mine. My neck was sore and I rubbed it around the collar. I got into my car and drove home.

A few weeks passed, and I received a letter: "You have completed the task and the woman is wearing the stilettos. Her collar will be delivered to her in a few weeks, and she will wear it. Expect similar tasks in the future."

I was a slave. Who or what is behind all this? I gave up trying to figure it out long ago. I just accepted it.

Another package arrived the next day. It was another delivery which I had to make. I had to find a way to prevent the delivery. The collar could see what I see. It finally occurred to me what I could do! I turned on my tv and sat down. I had a note pad and pen right behind me, and I sat-- pretending to be watching tv. I wrote a note behind my back. It was very difficult and I probably made many mistakes, but I couldn't look to check; I had to hope the victim would understand. I stood up and walked past the box, dropping the note behind my back into one of the shoes as I passed. I turned around and closed the box, preparing for the delivery. No shocks, and my collar didn't tighten. I was successful at writing and hiding the note! I picked up the box and left.

The address wasn't as far as the address yesterday, but it still took an hour. I arrived at a the house and rang the doorbell. A woman answered the door. She was short-- even though she was wearing at least 4 1/2 inch heels. I wondered how the women were selected to wear the stilettos. Were they women who wore heels all the time? Before I became stuck in my stilettos, I wore high heels almost every day. Maybe. I handed her the package and explained that I had received it by accident. She insisted that I come in. My heart began to race. What if she found the note while I was there? I was so scared I trembled. She opened the box and her eyes became big with excitement. "Ohh! They're gorgeous! But I didn't order anything like this! They're my size! OOOoo.." She found the nylons. I just have to try these on! She sat down and pulled off her pumps. "aahh.. ouch.. these are tight. I wear a 7 and they only had size 6." She sat and rubbed her feet for a minute and pulled her nylons off from under her leather skirt. She pulled on the new nylons and stood up. "My feet won't go flat! These are so strange!" This was killing me, watching this happen to someone. It all happened the same way as it did for me over a year ago. She sat down and picked up one of the shoes and slid her foot into it. "It's a little snug, but I can get it on I think". I could hear her foot sliding into the pump. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened my eyes and saw her holding the other shoe, and finding the note. She looked puzzled and read it out loud: "Don't wear these shoes. If you have the other on, take it off quickly! Please. Get rid of them immediately.". My collar slowly got tighter and tighter, slowly, and stopped in a fairly tight position. She laughed and dropped the note on the floor, and slid her other foot into the other shoe. She sat and looked at them and smiled. "I love them!". She stood up and shifted her weight back and forth, lifted her left foot and looked at her beautiful new shoe. "I hope I can get used to these! The toes are so tight, and these heels!" I was just about to stop her when I received a shock in my shoes and in my collar. I tried to speak but the collar immediately tightened making it impossible. She didn't notice me; she was consumed in the shoes. She took a few steps. I could only watch. She took a few more steps and I heard the click and pop from the shoes. She jumped and looked down, as the shoes whined. She made a short scream and quickly sat down. She pulled on her left shoe but it wouldn't come off. She pulled harder and harder and screamed. She started crying as she kicked her feet at the ground and pulled on the other shoe. She fell to the floor kicking and screaming, then she fainted. My collar was still quite tight. I stood up and walked to the door. She was lying there, unconscious. I had to leave before she woke. I started to cry as I realized how much pain she was about to go through. I left the house and got into my car. The collar was still tight, and I knew I would be punished.

I arrived home and sat down. The collar got tighter and tighter, and began to shock me. It slowly got tighter. I was screaming "stop! Stop! I'm sorry! It will never happen again!" My shoes began to shock me and the shocks became more intense. I didn't know a person could handle such pain. The pain was more intense than ever, and I passed out. I woke up about 3 hours later, and my whole body was sore. As I sat up, the collar became tighter again, and tighter. I screamed. "Stop! Stop! I'll do anything!" The collar slowly loosened to its original size.

Months passed. Packages came about every 3 weeks, and I made the deliveries. I never tried to warn the women; there was no way. I wondered if each of the women were making deliveries as well? Was this like a virus spreading? They had to be stopped. Who though? Why were they doing this?

It had been a long day and my feet hurt more than usual. I came home from work and sat down, massagging my feet through my pumps. This was becoming easier for me to do, and I knew where to massage for the most relief. As I was sitting back, relaxing, a masked man came from my bedroom. I jumped up and screamed. He pushed a button on his wrist and I fell to the floor, paralized. I was still awake; I couldn't move. My collar was responsible. He picked me up, carried me into the bedroom, and put me on the bed. I couldn't move at all from my neck down, but I could still feel everything. The man had a box with him. He opened the box and set it down on my dresser. He then reached for my foot and felt it in various places. Then the other foot. He stood back and pushed a button on his wrist. I felt a tingle in each of my feet and heard a whining sound for about 5 seconds. He then reached for my left foot and removed the shoe! Then the right shoe! They were off my feet! I couldn't believe what was happening! "Oh thank you! Thank you!! Who are you? I can't believe I'm free of these shoes! I can't move though. This collar is holding me I think." He ignored me. He carried the shoes back to his box and was doing something with them. I saw him use some tool to remove a cover inside the shoe just above the heel. He slid something out of each shoe and placed it in the box. He then slid something else back into each shoe and replaced the covers. "What are you doing?", I asked, trying to move to free myself. There was no reply. He brought the stilettos back to the bed and set them down. He picked up my right foot and slid the shoe back on. "No!! No!! What are you doing??! No!!" He slid the left shoe on, and stood back. He pressed a button on his wrist and the shoes tingled, then the whining. I felt my toes being wrapped tightly again. "NO!!! NO!!!" I struggled and struggled to move, but it was doing no good. The shoes stopped making any sound and the sensation in my feet stopped. My shoes were locked onto my feet once again. He closed his box and left the room. I still couldn't move. "Please! Come back! Oh, come back!". The outside door opened, then closed. He was gone.

I still couldn't move. After about 15 minutes, a regained my ability to move. I sat up and felt my shoes. They were on my feet to stay. I started to cry. I was so close. They can be removed, but only by the ones responsible for locking me into them. I tried to slide one of my stilettos off, and received a shock. The shock was different though. I was somewhat used to the old shock and it didn't scare me, but it still hurt very much. The new shock felt different. It did scare me and seemed to shake my foot, and was quite painful. I wonder what the man changed in my shoes?

It was raining, and I was nearly late for work. Quite cold, too. I was wearing my patent black boot covers for my stilettos. They were quite warm and durable. I would just leave them on all day to avoid questions. People noticed that I had a variety of shoes, but always the same gold stiletto heel. I just told them that the metal heels last forever, so I always wear them. There were a few women at work who felt they could wear high heels every day, just as I did. Just like Jessica did. They would wear heels no lower than 4" every day. They noticed how the men watched me, and were jealous. It worked for them. They were getting the stares as well, and felt that the pain of wearing heels every day was worth it. Cassandra and Dominique were the two women who wore them religiously.

They were sitting at their desks a lot, sliding their shoes off and squinting with pain then releif as their feet were finally free of their tight pumps. Yesterday I overheard Cassandra saying that she was having problems walking flat footed anymore. "If I try to step flat footed, my calves hurt and I feel like I'm going to fall. If I wear high heels all the time, it doesn't happen. I don't take them off anymore when I get home from work, and when I get up in the morning the first thing I do is slip them on. I'm getting used to them I think! It's great! They're the only shoes I ever buy. They seem natural to me now.". Dominique agreed and said it was happening to her as well, and that she bought a cheap pair of stilettos for the shower. "They were only $15. I took a hole punch and punched a bunch of holes all over the shoes so the water could run out. There is a hole about every 1/4 inch apart, and they work great!". Cassandra thought it was a great idea and was going to do the same thing. I listened to them and felt sorry for them. They didn't know what they were getting into, and had no idea how lucky they are that they could wear normal shoes if they wanted. They chose to become prisoners to their heels. I suspected that they would soon be receiving stilettos in the mail or delivered in person, and would become stuck in them for life.

It was raining and cold again. How long was this weather going to last? I came home from work and entered the house, sat down, and removed my boots from my shoes. Nothing had come in the mail in about a month. Maybe they're done and will leave me alone. I rubbed my neck under my collar for a few minutes and sat back to relax. I was just getting relaxed when my doorbell rang. I went to the door to see who it was and couldn't believe my eyes. It was him! The man I met on the bike path! I quickly opened the door and let him in. It had been nearly 6 months since he left me. That night is still so clear to me. I wonder what he thinks about all this? "Hello! How have you been?", he asked. "Hi! About the same, you?", I replied. "Oh, same here..", he said as he reached behind his back. Then the smile quickly ran away from his face. "I'm back to help you. I've been working on this since I left and think I have it figured out. I've been monitoring you as they have been. I found out what they are doing and what type of signal they are using. It's blocked right now, so they can't hear or see anything. They're probably going crazy, so we have to work fast.". He pulled a box from behind his back with some buttons on it. He plugged it into an outlet. "It takes a lot of power to block the signal, and batteries just don't cut it.". He pushed a couple buttons. "Try to remove the collar, quickly!". I grabbed the collar and pulled. It wouldn't come loose. I pulled harder and harder. "It's not working! It's still stuck!", I screamed. He turned a nob and said to try it again. I tried and received a shock. I screamed and pulled on the collar. Another shock. "Keep trying! Please! I'll figure it out!". I pulled and pulled on the collar. It clicked and the back opened! I pulled it apart and threw it to the floor. It was off my neck! I was free of the collar! I was shaking with fright, or excitement-- I wasn't sure which. "Sit down. We have to get those shoes off now.", he said as he adjusted the box. I quickly sat down and followed his instructions. He turned a nob and told me to try to try sliding one of my shoes off. I told him that there was wire wrapped around my toes and it needed to unwind first. He was pushing buttons and turning nobs quickly, and my left pump clicked. I received a shock from it-- a strong shock. I screamed. He continued with the box. The other shoe clicked followed by the shock. The shocks were so strong that I almost fell out of the chair. His fingers were racing over the controls, and both shoes shocked me again. I screamed again. I couldn't help but scream. The shoes began to whine-- the same sound they made when the shoes became locked on, and when the man removed them in my room! After a few seconds the whining stopped and I pulled on my left shoe. It slid off! I pulled the right shoe and removed it as well! I was free! The collar, and the shoes, lay on the floor. I was free at last. He looked at me and smiled. "I missed you..", he said.

I hugged him and cried for about 15 minutes. I couldn't believe I was free of this. I just sat there shaking for an hour in disbelief. "I was so scared, I couldn't tell you anything that night. They shock me and choke me when I do anything or say anything which is wrong to them. I have been stuck in those shoes and that collar for about 3 years. Are these nylons safe? Maybe I should take them off as well.". I peeled off the nylons and set them on the floor as well. My feet were pointed and shaped like the shoes, and covered in some clear rubber-like skin. I was so happy I didn't even think about the material covering my feet. I could live with that. I couldn't flatten my foot though. They have been in 5" heels for 3 years and my tendons were probably very short. I could stand, but I had to stand on my toes or my calves would tighten up and cramp immediately. "I think I can slowly adjust, hopefully!". I walked on my toes into my room and found a pair of my old pumps I used to wear, and slid them on. They were only 4 1/2 inch heels, and my calves hurt a little, but I was doing ok. "I go through all that trouble to get you out of your high heels, and what do you do? Wear high heels.", he said laughing. He walked over to the shoes and the collar and picked up the collar, inspecting it. Then the shoes. He carried them outside and set them on the pavement. The box was still plugged in, and as he returned from outside he unplugged it. Immediately, the shoes whined and arks of electricity were jumping all over them. The collar locked shut and closed to about 3" in diameter, and arcs were jumping across it as well. We just watched as this continued for about 1 hour, and finally stopped. They had a lot of power and I would never have survived had I decided to fight it. There was nothing left of the shoes or collar except a pile of ashes. It felt so good to be free. Even though I would still be stuck in heels for a long time, it felt good. I could take them off at night. There was no collar! I rubbed my neck. It felt so strange not feeling the collar, and I could move my toes. I wondered what those responsible for my shoes and collar were going to do.

We celebrated that night, and it was the happiest night of my life. He stayed the night, and I wore nothing for the first time in a long time. The next day I received a package in the mail. I was quite scared of the package, so he opened it with caution. There was another collar and pair of shoes in the box, and a note. It read: "You will immediately put these stilettos back on and wear the collar. If you fail to do so, others will suffer and their pain will be a result of your lack of cooperation. You know what we are capable of doing. Put the collar on now. Put the shoes on now. We will be merciful to you." "What am I going to do?", I asked him. I began to cry. "Nothing. You will do nothing. We will get rid of this stuff immediately before there is an accident. Don't even think about giving in to them.". I held the collar and pulled it apart. "No!", he shouted, pulling the collar from my hands. He put the collar and the stilettos back into the box. They must be destroyed. He carried them out to his car and put them in the back, and came back into the house.

I got dressed and we left for his parents' house to pick up something he needed. His parents were gone, so we were writing a note to his parents when his 14 year old sister saw his car and the box in the back. She opened the door and looked in the box. "OOoo.. I bet these are for her.. I'd love to have them! Just for a minute!". She took the box and entered the back door of the house and went to her room. She took off her shoes and socks and slid on the nylons, then slid the shoes on. "They fit perfect, I think. I know I can walk! I have to try!". She was just ready to stand when she found the collar. "ooo.. ", she said softly. She pulled it open and pulled it around her neck. It quickly locked shut behind her neck. She tried to pull it apart but couldn't remove it. She pulled harder and harder, but it was stuck. She stood up struggling and continued to pull and pull at the collar, but it was on to stay. As she fought with the collar, the shoes whined and locked themselves onto her feet. She sat down, shaking and crying, and pulled at the shoes, but couldn't remove them. She pulled harder and was shocked. She screamed. We heard the scream and headed to her room. When we got there, she was sitting on her bed with a blanket covering her feet and a high turtle-neck covering her neck. "Sorry, I saw a bug!" she said. We left the room and went back to the car. We drove back to my place. When we got there, he looked in the back and noticed the box was gone. "The box is gone! What happened to it?!". We both came up with the same answer at the same time. It was his sister. He ran into the house to get his box and came back to the car. We drove back to his parents' house, and he put the box behind his back. We went up to her room and she was still sitting there, crying. He pushed the button, plugged the box in and quickly ran over to her and pulled on the collar. I helped him try to pull it off her neck as he adjusted the box. "It's not the same as yours. They must have changed it.", he said. She received a shock and the collar got tight. She was terrified. "Keep trying! I'm working on it!", he said. His hands raced as he adjusted the box, and the collar clicked. It opened and I pulled it off and threw it down. She was getting shocked by the stilettos. He kept working the controls on the box and the shoes both whined. I pulled them off her feet and threw them on the floor. She fell back on her bed crying. "What happened?! Why couldn't I take them off?". We told her that it was a gag gift from one of my friends, and not to tell anyone, and we wouldn't tell anyone that she took the shoes from his car. She agreed. He carried the stilettos and collar out to the driveway, returned, and unplugged his box. The shoes became covered with arcs of electricity. The collar contracted to about 3", and arcs ran across it as well. After about 1 hour it stopped and there was nothing left but ashes.

I knew there were still women out there, stuck in the stilettos and in the collar. The box couldn't generate enough strength to block the signal unless it was less than 10 feet away. There was nothing we could do for them.

My life went on, with him. I still wore heels and would for a long time until I could slowly adjust to lower heels. It has been about 4 months since I have been free, and I am still wearing 4 1/2 inch heels. They don't hurt anymore though, and I think I'll be able to drop down to 4" heels soon. Cassandra and Dominique still wore their 5" heels every day. They noticed I wasn't wearing 5" stilettos anymore, so they felt better since they had the highest and most uncomfortable heels.

A month had passed and I was wearing 4" heels finally. It felt so comfortable to be in such low heels, relatively speaking. I came to work and noticed Cassandra and Dominique were not together as usual. I soon found out why. They were each wearing the collar and stilettos.