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Name: Femme Fatale Fashions
URL: http://www.ffshop.ru/
Sprachen: ru
Beschreibung: Femme Fatale Fashions is a Russian corsetmaker based in Moscow. Her corsets are based on 19th century patterns and she make them in various styles for wedding, evening and historical wear. Using horse hair and several layers of fabric to strengthen the corsets, placing 22 steel bones into a normal sized corset, and ensuring absence of wrinkles in the corsets.
Anschrift: 129346 Москва улица
Норильская д.13 А
ООО "Грейфер"

fon: (095) 475-06-92
Kontakt: info@ffshop.ru
History: 11.02.2006 - Hinzugefügt
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